Never Stop Learning welcomes adults age 18 and beyond living with a learning disorder, autism spectrum, or an intellectual disability, or other disabilities that limit independent living or daily life. Please click here for an extensive look at who should attend.  

Admission Criteria

  • Limited in independent living and/or daily life skills.
  • Age 18 or beyond.
  • Mobile with assistive devices such as a walker, crutches, and wheelchair. 
  • No current criminal record.
  • Not a threat to self or others.

Admission Process

  • The student and parent/guardian attend a personal interview.
  • The application process begins with an application for enrollment.
  • An individual student program is developed and the student selects classes based on their interests.
  • Admission process finalized and fees paid.

Cost of Attendance

  • $30 per day, no contract

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Each program is individually designed to meet the student’s needs and interests.  The goal is for students to achieve their highest level of independence. This is achieved while the student improves social communications, gains self-confidence and develops personal life skills in a fun atmosphere. We want every individual to achieve their fullest potential and enjoy a more fulfilling life.